Friday, December 27, 2013

Mercury Detox Diaries

Learning for me is always more interesting when done via another person's experience because it makes me ask some good questions. How did they navigate their situation? What did they use to overcome? What did it feel like while they did such and such? Where did they fail? and ultimately How did they do it?

Reading these two diaries is like just sitting down and having a very long conversation with these two authors who both by the way each had mercury poisoning from their amalgam fillings that just about destroyed their health. Well to be fair it really wasn't just the mercury in the amalgam fillings that destroyed their health, there was the misguided advice that cost them time and health they had to recover form and move from. There is the fact that there is not yet a truly known route to take in cleaning up the body of heavy metals. Too often it is even said to be not important or necessary.  It was then the ignorance about mercury and how it effects us and all the misgiven or not given advice that sent them on their own quest for discovery to their illness and recovery. Discovery takes time and many things are gained but many lose heart in the process. These two did not lose heart both have recovered and in these books are their stories.

I read Getting the Mercury Out first. I subscribe to a whole foods blog about a mom who like me is changing her way of living to eat more healthy and live more healthy. Anyway on this blog, a whole new mom, every week she posts free e-books that she found on the web. I often enjoy those so one day I decided to check on the Amazon books to see if there were any more freebies I could find for myself. In searching the alternative health section I found Getting the Mercury Out. It wasn't free but I asked for the kindle free sample and began to read this Irish woman's story about her mercury poisoning. The book reads quick and soon I was fully hooked and engrossed in her saga and bought the entire book. I learned many cool things by joining in her story and Daniel's story:

I am not alone in my quest for feeling better and finding full or optimal health
She tried many things to fix her health before she realized it was the amalgams after all.
Mercury poisoning is not well understood by conventional doctors or alternative medicine docs.
Getting mercury out can be painful and difficult to endure.
There is more than one way to get the mercury out.
Getting mercury out can take a long time and needs patience.
Going slow but steady is the best way to get the mercury out safely and not hurt your body in the process.
What tests were actually helpful and why
why chelating the mercury before, during and after amalgam removal is best
what other things you can do while chelating to help your body survive it
What is a good diet, Daniel researched as I did and landed where I landed with Nourishing Traditions.
opening the detox path ways before you chelate signals to the body it can begin and the body responds to help you.
What are the detox pathways: skin/sweating, lungs/breathing, kidneys/urine, colon/BM's
How the thyroid and adrenals work together and how you can test for free how they are doing
places to go to buy whole food herbs and supplements
How to do good research and use books, docs, labs and the internet to heal yourself
etc etc etc.

really the nuggets one gets from a story is priceless.

After reading Getting the Mercury Out I was satisfied in what I learned and felt armed with a few new ideas to apply to my own health and some encouragement that choices I had already made and had gained through prayer and listening to God were good. Sometimes the encouragement is the most empowering part because the journey can be lonely. I was just going to sit upon my new found nuggets and rest in their help when her book pointed me to Daniel's book about his tory of recovery. Now that could be interesting to see things form a man's point of view. As the author of Getting the Mercury Out edited and helped to publish Daniels book The Mercury Diaries I thought I would at least get the free sample and see. I was not disappointed. Daniel's book is a virtual encyclopedia of great ideas. I enjoyed reading Getting the Mercury Out but I took notes on The Mercury Diaries. You can get both and see which helps you most. 

I have to add one negative thing about both books which I did not enjoy though I do understand why it was in there and that was all the cursing. Granted the journey's these two took were fraught with betrayal and hardships one after the other but I don't curse and found that bit of their stories unpleasant.

My journey in getting my own mercury out has been not been nearly as hard by any stretch as these two and there are a few reason I can see why that may be.  I only had four amalgam fillings to removed, granted they were very large ones encompassing most of my tooth but I had only four, they had 11 and 8 respectively. Also I did not use the chelator's they did so my supplements were less and my experience has been side effect free for the most part. I already knew to go slow, and I began chelating right after the filling were removed. So my experience has been a pretty good one.

I recommend both books. I will be writing more in future posts about some of the notes I have been taking and more about my own story but for now just a few books to recommend. I hope you enjoy them as I did.

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