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Symptoms of Mercury Poisoning

You might disagree that all these things could be related to being mercury toxic but based upon my readings of people's stories who have got the mercury out of their systems they felt mercury was at the source of them all. Why you may ask?
"My list of damaged organs is textbook mercury poisoning. The mercury leaks out of the amalgams, gets transported around the body in the bloodstream and poisons everything everything everything. The poison goes everywhere everywhere everywhere. No corners are left untouched as the mercury percolates all around the body. It's a full body experience." -Daniel Forsyth
Daniel also sites that his poor diet, smoking, drinking thus his lifestyle, also played out in the damage to his body. However, he questions whether the mercury would not have caught up with him later. Would he have had the same strength and commitment at 64 to tackle what he did in his 30's? Who knows. You must also know though he is fit again and normal as normal can be, however he is still cleansing and chelating. He still can only tolerate a small dose and so it may take him years to get it all out. His body is stronger because of the things he has done to get better and it can deal with the mercury but it could back up again and I think his idea of simply making chelating and cleansing a lifestyle for a bit longer (maybe 10-15 years) will enable him to have a healthy old age. He says,

"live for today, Chelate for tomorrow."

So what are the symptoms Daniel and others have experienced due to mercury poisoning the whole body? *NOTE: all items starred are symptoms I have and hope to resolve.

*Food allergies: milk, wheat, gluten, soya, nightshades, sulfur foods, fruit, processed foods
fixed with the parasite and colon cleanses ( and getting the mercury out so that it does not damage or clog up that organ any more. The first cleanse allowed him freedom to eat all the foods again, however  I must add that it took Daniel more than one cleanse to see lasting results. The idea is to cleanse until there are no side effects form the cleanse and then to monitor your health there after to keep that organ clean and functioning properly. After the cleanse Daniel maintained a healthy diet based upon the work of Dr. Weston Price, Nutrition and Physical Degeneration and Sally Fallon's cookbook Nourishing Traditions.
* I am only intolerant of dairy, animal fats and meats, eggs. I can eat seafood and organ meats.

*other allergies: second hand smoke, dust mites, chemical in man things or multiple chemical sensitivity
fixed by getting the mercury out and but cleansing with herbs from and eating a better diet.

*Sugar intolerance and hypoglycemia
Fixed by getting the mercury out and routine colon cleanses

Chronic heart burn
Fixed by getting the mercury out and other cleanses

Fixed by getting the mercury out, colon cleanses, fixing the thyroid and adrenals, and colon cleanses.

Fixed by getting the mercury out and other cleanses

Dry Skin
Fixed by getting the mercury out, drinking more water, checking for a food intolerance like wheat or gluten. Check why you may be dehydrated in the first place, could it be the adrenals? the kidney's or both? If it is the adrenals then maybe the thyroid id not in balance as they work hand in hand.

Sleeping badly
Fixed by getting the mercury out and gentle liver cleanses. He also exchanged his matters which was treated with chemicals to make it less likely to burn up in a fire. Those chemicals irritated his sleep as the mercury had already taxed his liver and other detoxification systems so he reacted to common chemicals in the environment. He became multi chemically sensitive. 

Getting the mercury out, better diet.

*Chronic back problems
Fixed by getting the mercury out, cleansing the digestive track, doing a few parasite cleanses (, and a kidney cleanse ( or two. I ma so curious if these cleanses will work for me too. His story sounds so similar to mine.

*Muscle Weakness
Getting the mercury out.

Short Term Memory Loss
Getting the mercury out specifically with the ALA as it passes the blood brain barrier. I use PCA spray which also passes the blood brain barrier.

*Brain fog
Getting the mercury out specifically with the ALA as it passes the blood brain barrier. I use PCA spray which also passes the blood brain barrier.

Getting the mercury out and eating a better diet

Getting the mercury out.

Getting the mercury out.

Hypothyroidism, heart palpitations, low blood pressure
Getting the mercury out and using Armour, a supplement of chopped up dried thyroid glands from pigs. Daniel used a temperature test from (metabolic temperature graphs) to discover how his thyroid and adrenals were functioning then he purchased supplements and watched his temperature to know how much to take. 

Adrenal Fatigue
Getting the mercury out and using Adrenal Cortex and ACE, a supplement of chopped up adrenal from cows. Daniel used a test via temperature from (metabolic temperature graphs) to dissever how his thyroid and adrenals were functioning then her purchased supplements and watched his temperature to know how much to take. He

*Chronic Fatigue
Getting the mercury out and better diet.

Fear of Spiders
Getting the mercury out.

Getting the mercury out.

*Shyness or reclusive tendencies
Getting the mercury out.

Color Blindness
Fixed only by getting the mercury out. Daniel was color blind three ways and as he chelated the colors came back.

Sensitivity to sound or motion
Aine Ni from Getting the Mercury Out could not tolerate music of any kind while the mercury came out and redeposited in her body. As more mercury was removed she began to enjoy music again. She also experienced weird symptoms of loosing control of everything when riding on a boat and feeling the acceleration. The change in acceleration caused her mind to flip out, similar to that of an autistic person.

*Excessive peeing
Fixed by cleansing the kidneys and getting the mercury out. 

The basic concept in Daniel's methods above are simple, cleanse, chelate and rebuild. It is doable. Personally this is the best protocol I have found to date. I plan the following:

  • Continue with my Nourishing Traditions diet base upon Dr. Weston Price's book Nutrition and physical degeneration as best I can with my current limitations. I can not yet digest meats, eggs, dairy, and animal fats like lard and butter, but I hope with some of the parasite and colon cleanses that will be a thing of the past. Time will tell. 
  • Track my thyroid and adrenals with my handy thermometer vis Dr. Rind's instructions found here. Then evaluate if I need to address either of these.
  • Buy and Read Andy Coulter's book Amalgam illness to get a full picture of the issue of the mercury in me.
  • Continue with the following supplements until I learn more format he hair analysis test: Milk thistle (liver support), phosphytydalcholine (due to the gallstone), Beta TCP (bile thinner for the gall stone), Magnesium, Bio-Kult probiotics, melatonin, Vit. C, D3, and E, and something I concocted myself I call it fish plus. I ground up dried/salted sardines into a flaky powder and mixed them with kelp powder, organic beet root powder, and moringa tree leaf powder. I put the mixture into to capsules using my handy capsule maker. So it is 1/3 fish, 1/3 moringa and the last 1/3 is a mixture of the kelp and beet root.

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