Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Heal Your Gut! an Online Course in Gut Health

I have started this online class and I highly recommend it. You can read all about it at Divine Aside from the reasons mentioned on the advertisement to take this course I am loving this course because...

  • Each lesson is also an audio so I can work in the kitchen or where ever getting my work done while listening the lesson.
  • It is so nice to read through good material that is well presented with other people at your own pace. It is less taxing than a seminar where you attend as you learn when you have time and how it works for you in your busy day.
  • There is a face book group you can join to share and learn form other people, and also you can leave comments at the end of each lesson or ask questions.
  • Each lesson ends with to do steps so you can easily see if there is any action you want to take after hearing the info.
  • The instructor used to be a weston price chapter leader in her home state so she is very aware of the NT diet and how to implement it and where it needs to be tweaked if your digestive system needs healing before you can eat a traditional diet.
  • There are recipe and product recommendations.
  • It is far less expensive than seeing a ND or other natural health care professional.
  • It is simply fun to go at your own pace and with other at the same time.

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