Saturday, July 20, 2013

Re-Wilding...What's That?

Re-wilding is a lot more than I can put down here in this post but I included web links to some of Daniel Vitalis's explanations about this below so you can get it straight from him, he coined the term 're-wilding' and explains it well.  I am excited about what I am learning though as it fills in a huge gap of knowledge for me as to how some traditional people who at mostly plants had optimal health just as those who ate mostly animal fats. As I am still unable to digest animal fats I am curious about this aspect of wild plants providing some/all? of the benefits that lead to a well nourished life.

In this recent you tube Daniel explains how we get real DNA from the local plants (organic or wild plants) we eat to so our bodies know what genetic adaptations to make to protect or strengthen us for the environment we are in. A wild plant maybe dandelion greens, nettles etc. When we eat them their DNA speaks to our DNA or genetics and gives it a blue print for how to grow. So we then grow protective aspects of our own to fight against a certain microbe for example. When we take the 'wild' plant's DNA the phyto-nutrients that the plant created to survive and thrive are passed onto us or other animals that eat it. This is why pasture raised animals are also better nourishment for our bodies than animals raise away from the pasture which would most likely contain wild plants. Cool! It is yet another reason too to eat organic or local organic as the pesticides we use to protect the plants actually weaken the plant because they do not make the phyto-nutrients or other protective things and thus have nothing really of value to pass on to us thus inevitably it weakens us as it weakened them. I love the idea that we need a bit of stress, opposition daily to become alert, strong, and healthy. Also the local plants know the environment in which we are living and have built in DNA to pass along that will tell our bodies what and how to be protected to thrive in this place where we live.

I am still absorbing it all so I don't have much to say about it myself except to say it looks like a great new bunny trail to run down on my getting nourished journey. You may read about this concept of re-wilding again from this blogger. :)

Weston Price of Nourishing Traditions has opened my eyes this last year to the importance of good fat soluble vitamins but as I am still unable to digest most animal fats I have been opening up the window of research a bit more to find out more about plants. Daniel is quite an expert on raw plant foods and and herbs etc. I am enjoying getting a feel for what he has become passionate ourselves via eating these wild plants or wild herb extracts.

More ways to connect with Daniel Vitalis: (website with all the things Daniel is selling and posts about re-wilding on a broad scope)

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