Friday, April 4, 2014


 Last week I purchased an earthing pad from to check out it out. I have been slipping it under my feet when I work on the computer as this helps protect me for the EMF's associated with laptops and other online devices. I also keep it on the foot rest of recliner to ground me while I am watching TV or reading a book. I use it at night (the best way to ground without changing too much in your life) at the foot of my bed. If my digestion seemed slow I would lie on the couch and lay the pad on my bare tummy and feel things start to gurgle and move or one my back to relieve my chronic back pain. And do you know what I can feel a difference now in my over all health in just one little week.

The best difference I have noted is waking up after sleeping with my feet on it at night and feeling really rested and relaxed, like I really slept well and deep and had many many more dreams than usual. I have more stamina so I can go through my days now feeling good all the way until bedtime. I am calmer too and feel less irritable. It actually makes mr more grounded through out the day. I handle stress better with a laugh and a smile. The feeling I get form sleeping with my new earthing pad reminds of when I was a kid and would wake up feel like I had slept so deep that I wanted to stay there forever. Bliss. (sigh)

They ( say that getting grounded to the earth actually males you blood move quicker and not clump up like tomato paste. I felt this phenomenon the first fews days I began grounding myself. I was light headed, a bit spicy and felt like sleeping a lot. So as my schedule allowed it I slept much of the first and second day on the couch and let that sleepy feeling fill me up. Soon that stopped and I kept sleeping well at night but I was awake during the day with a clearer head and feeling ready for the day something that has not been true for me for several years now.

So hooray for earthing and getting grounded again to the earth. has many products that allow you to ground yourself in many ways, but there are also a few novel ideas on youtube that intrigued me too.

grounding your kitchen floor
making your own grounding sheet 1 and 2
healed via going barefoot the cheapest way to ground yourself

and then there are some great you tubes explaining how all this works

Dr. Mercola interviews Clint Oberg the author of the book entitled Earthing
Dr James Oshmen on Earthing on Grounding
Dr. Mercola interviews Dr. Sinatra co author of the book Earthing
earthing and how to do it

Now for a walk barefoot outside in the cool wet grass or in the sand by the sea. :)

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