Saturday, December 28, 2013

Detox Pathways

"Clean out the body and provide it with the raw materials to rebuild."- Daniel Forsyth

I was looking through my notes of Daniel Forsyth's book Mercury Dairies and the concept that was most helpful and new to me was the concept of getting the detox pathways clean before you begin chelating mercury out. Duh! I love and hate those moments when you discover something so essential and so simple and you completely missed it. In fact as I began my adventure into mercury detox no one mentioned it. Not my Holistic dentist, not my ND, not the guys at the IV lab who chelated my first DMPS round....why not? 

Who cares, I know it now so it is my next area of attention. 

There are four major pathways to consider, the most important being the colon. Mercury is chelated out of the tissues etc into your blood stream where it is then led by the chelating agent to either the kidneys to be excreted via your ruiner to the colon to be excreted via your BM's. Nice hunh? BTW I read some where that with mercury detox 70% goes out by way of the BM and 30% via the urine. So say you have accumulated some junk over your lifetime it it will be neatly stored in your colon in a nice neat little package of mucus. All wrapped up so your body will not get hurt by it. It gets tucked away in your colon somewhere waiting for a free space to fit it into the flow going out. My husband did a 40 day juice fast a while back and some of this black snakelike stuff ams out of him. Fasting gave his body the chance to get rid of the stuff. What if your body has not had the chance and in fact you have been adding to the pile? Then you begin to chelate and the nasty mercury gets stuck trying to get out gets reabsorbed into your body again. So in my humble opinion getting the colon clean and ready for expulsion should have been the first thing I did. But I did not know so now I know. Before I tell you what I learned from the Mercury Dairies about how to go about this let me first go through all the pathways.

So there is the colon which excretes BM's and the kidney's which excrete urine, the skin which detoxes by sweating and the lungs by breathing. I have also read that the lymphatics and the blood also are detoxers. In fact there is a very good article about the detox pathways here. I learned from my reading that mercury as it has been slowly over time out basing and has by now pretty much gone into every part of my body. My body has likely been trying get this stuff out so all my detoxification systems have need of being cleaned up of the mercury and likely other things as well.

"If you clean out the liver, the digestive tract, the kidney's, the lungs, the bode and everything else you can find out about, they will all function a great deal better, and you will feel great deal better too! Chelation will be  considerably easier as your body will be stronger and more able to cope with the hard labor of removing the mercury."- Daniel Forsyth

So now how does one go about it?
Well that is not a one word answer, there are umpteen ideas out there on how to go about it. But taking my lead from the Mercury Dairies of Daniel Forsyth and by becoming educated about the healing path at I plan the following sometime soon.

#1 *Colon cleanse along with a parasite cleanse. The herbs for doing this can be bought at I like to use supplements that are whole foods and pure with no added fillers etc. these herbs look great. They even will grind them up for you 5-15 days as your order comes in so they are still fresh.  I get nothing for saying this and as I am only planning to do this I have not yet used them so I can only say it looks great! Time will tell if it works for me like it did for Daniel.

Daniel repeatedly returned to this company for herbs as he had such great results from them. He suffered from many symptoms of mercury poisoning one being a weak back the frequently went out on him, another being food intolerances. The food intolerance went away after his first parasite cleanse and the weak back over time as he continued to cleanse. He found that when he did the kidney cleanse it often gave him some freedom form the back pain but it reoccured until that organ was fully healthy again. Seems IBS is a parasite and when removed he could eat dairy, wheat, eggs and meat again. Prior to that he had heartburn, acid reflux, etc when he ate anything but raw veggies. I have trouble digesting meat, eggs, and dairy perhaps the parasite cleanse will help me too. I aim to find out. I also have a weak back that exercise has not helped. Daniel worked for 5 years faithfully doing all manner of things designed for the back and it all failed until he detoxed.

*Adding the colon cleanse to the parasite cleanse helps things move along as you would want if you have yucky things coming out of you.

#2 Liver/gallbladder, Lung and Kidney package I am leaving the liver/gall bladder one last as I have a gallstone and do not want to disturb it so it gets stuck in the tubes. Daniel also used herbs from this company for the kidney and liver.

The way Daniel did it was to do a cleanse, if he got any side effects he did the cleanse again in the near future. When there were no side effects he felt he could say that organ was healthy and working fine and then did not schedule another cleanse. So that meant he did many cleanses again and again until his symptoms or side effects disappeared.

There are other ways to detox I like and have done that Daniel also mentions in his book.

Detox baths (skin helps the body sweat)
caster oil packs (liver helps the liver excrete)
sitting in the sauna (skin helps the body sweat)
Dry brushing your skin (skin removes dead skin cells so sweating can work better)
Juicing/detox teas
fasting with veggie juices or other liquids like bone broth and kefir
Psylium and bentonite clay shakes for the colon
*chelating heavy metals. 

*my favorite heavy metal chelator is PCA spray made by Maxam Labs. You can read about it here and here.

The thing to remember about any detox protocol is to GO SLOW so your body is ready for it and you can handle the detox reactions. Break capsules in half, take more time and do less herbs each day. Drink lots of water. Soon the detox pathways will be cleaner, and flushing out the mercury and other nasty things built up inside will be released and you will feel better. I'll write more in the future when I attempt these myself. I can't wait!

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