Friday, June 21, 2013

Amalgams Away!

This spring I had the opportunity to get some thing more done in regards to my health. I took a few months off of my online job, and the homeschooling to have time to get my amalgam fillings out. I also did some research as to which method of chelation (binding up of) the mercury I wanted to do.

I have been thinking about what to do for a long time, as the current regime of supplements from my naturopath did not result in any shrinkage of the gall stone (1.3 then 1.8, then 1.9 cm) it was actually growing. I read some where on the net that a lady who was doing the GAPS diet had difficulty with her gallstone when she introduced probiotics, but the strange thing was that she had had her gall bladder removed several years earlier. This made me think, could some thing else besides the gall stone be causing my digestive issues?

Last year when I did the GAPS for about three weeks I had a similar issue. I was eating fish stock based vegetable soups, a fillet of sole and introducing too quickly it seems some beet kvass and coconut yoghurt. I too had gall bladder like symptoms. Though mild, the pressure near the right back shoulder blade and the indigestion, gas, and bloating seemed odd when the foods I am eating should be friendly to the gall stone sufferer.

I considered the coconut as a probable source of high fat and discovered that as it is a medium chain fatty acid it does not require bile to digest. It should be tolerable and beneficial to those with gall stones. So after the gaps I played around with coconut more, I made coconut milk drinks, ice cream and added it to response to the gall bladder so I concluded that the gall bladder like reaction I got must be related some how to the probiotics.

I noticed that when I increased my dosage of any probiotic, beet kvass, water kefir, bio kult etc. that if I did not start slowly and build up gradually then I would get digestive issues, and a pressure near my gall bladder. I also noticed that over time as I was able to eat more and more probiotics that the digestive symptoms seemed to lessen and the area where I felt it was more now in my upper tummy area just under the rib cage and not near the gall bladder.

I read some where that the off gassing of the bad bacteria as it dies if it is in the area of the gall bladder can block the bile coming to the intestine and thus cause what seems to be a gall bladder attack. I don't know if this is true but I suspect that getting my gut in shape would be a good idea. So I headed out to that this spring.

On the road to getting my gut back in shape I switched out all my beauty products from chemically based synthetic ones to all natural ones, got rid of my gas stove (it gave me digestive problems), and learned more about how amalgam fillings can add to our toxic load and so any work on the gut must begin here.

I read It's All In Your Head by Hall Huggins and read Russ's testimony regarding the removal of his amalgam fillings. I realized then that many of my particular symptoms (digestive trouble with animal fats, sugar sensitivity and hypoglycemia, shyness, fatigue etc) fit this profile better than the gut dysbiosis profile, so I proceeded to look into getting my amalgam fillings removed. I could not lose taking this route, for if the issue of digestion was a result of the mercury the removal and mercury chelation would fix it and if the issue originated as an in balance of my gut flora then removing the fillings was the first step towards addressing that.

I found a holistic DDS four hours north of where I am and made four to five trips up to get all four fillings removed. I had deep fillings which took most of the area of my tooth. It was like the tooth was a tea cup for the filling. It took several hours to drill out and remove them. We did the first two on the upper right first. After the removal I had a very real feeling that something or someone was pulling on my teeth. It was a good feeling and later my ND said this could have been the mercury leaving the site of the tooth. The same feeling happened again when I had the other two filling removed on the upper left. I also had a lot of tension in my neck and shoulders and a few migraine headaches. These subsided after the Chelation IV(DMPS).

Once all the fillings were out I did a Chelation IV (DMPS) at a well known clinic to get a base line test to see  how much mercury and other heavy metals for that matter may be in my body. I should receive the results in a week or so. Then for a 6 months to a year I am chelating slowly the rest of the mercury and heavy metals out of my body using PCA spray. I learned about PCA spray form DR. Mercola's post on a protocol for detoxing from heavy metals. He recommended it for children with Autism but as I read about it I felt it was the best choice for me as well. Once I complete this regime of heavy metal chelation I will do another Chelation IV to see if the heavy metals have diminished and by how much.

In the mean time I am eating a great Nourishing Traditions diet but adjusted to address the gall stone, the lose weight. More on that soon.

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  1. I'll be anxious to hear what the test reveals. I didn't do any formal chelation after amalgam removal. I have always wondered if I should...