Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Chelation IV Results

The results from my Chelation IV showed that over a 6 hour period of time after the synthetic protein was dripped into my body, it had attacked enough mercury to put me way off the charts. I was also very high in lead as well. This means that my body is very heavily loaded with these two toxic metals. I was also high but not overly high in uranium, aluminum and arsenic.

Learning this confirms to me that doing the replacement of the amalgam fillings was the best next step for me. I am so glad that I went ahead and did the Chelation IV to test what levels were there I never imagined that mercury would be so high and I was not at all looking at the lead which is also a very toxic metal to have hanging around in your body. Both the mercury and the lead could easily have come from my amalgam fillings, the uranium from x-rays or using photographic chemicals, arsenic from any product made form rice, which I ate a lot of last year when I went gluten free. I may have gotten the aluminum from my baking sheets, pans etc. I have now finally replaced them all with glass or stainless steal. But really how I got them matters little except that I can be more aware of how to remain heavy metal free.

The PCA spray should be working to aide my body in letting go of all of these and at the right rate and not taking all of it if my body does need it at certain lower levels. So I am not changing anything learning the results but boy am I glad I have taken this road first. Testing lets me see what is going on in my body. Many of the symptoms I have a vague and in many ways common to other issues, so having the tests is very helpful.

At the end of the year it will be cool to see what the Chelation IV results are then and how I am feeling as well. The symptoms I hope to resolve by doing the heavy metal detox are the following:

brain fog
digestive issues with animal fats
shyness/agoraphobia in slight proportions
sugar sensitivities like hypoglycemia
muscle cramps
dizziness and loss of equilibrium
weight gain or rather inability to lose the last 20-30 lbs. I gained when I had my three sons
leaky gut

It will be interesting to see just how much the heavy metals have been contributing to these and what other things may be malfunctioning in my body that will need to be addressed as well. One step at a time.

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