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Your Thyroid and Amalgam Poisoning

I have been reading Your Thyroid And How to Keep it Healthy by Peatfield, it is another book I am taking notes on. Written to us lay people, but not dumbed down, Dr. Peatfield gives us more than just understanding on the thyroid he tells how the whole endocrine system works and how to care for it. Cool!

This excerpt from his book is from the Appnedix on Amalgams.

"The weak chemical bonding of the five metals used in dental amalgam means that the mercury may be leached out of the mixture as a result of pressure and heat, together with galvanic (electrical) interaction within the metallic mixture. The mercury vapour is taken up by the body, and it is estimated that an average amalgam filling releases about 10 micrograms of mercury daily. It turns out that two thirds of our mercury intake overall comes from this source. A further major derivation is from mercury waste. This is of great importance in dental clinics, where the waste may not be filtered and the mercury enters the food chain from sewage. "

The big question therefore is not, does it happen, but what damage will it cause? Let us make a list. 

1. Kidneys – the re-absorption mechanism is downgraded within the kidney tubules, reducing their efficiency. This in turn can lead to blood pressure and eventually renal failure. 

2. There is an increased incidence of multiple intestinal antibiotic resistance. Effectively, therefore, the immune system becomes progressively compromised. 

3. A large body of evidence has accumulated that mercury has a number of effects on the nervous system. It is now recognised that it acts as a neurotoxin, slowly weakening the nervous system. 
Mood, memory and motor function will be slowly degraded. 

4. There are significant effects on fertility, which is reduced, but worse, it has been shown that there is a correlation existing with developmental abnormalities. Further work has demonstrated that mercury is passed to the baby in the womb, and after birth from breast milk. 

5. A link has been found with cardiomyopathy, which is a progressive weakness of the muscles of the heart leading eventually to cardiac failure. 

6. Studies on the role of trace elements in Alzheimer’s disease have suggested that the raised levels of mercury could well be an important factor. 

7. Thyroid and adrenal glands. Studies have shown that the thyroid/adrenal axis is down-regulated by mercury poisoning. The consequent symptomology will extend from mild to severe hypothyroidism and with adrenal involvement will have most if not all the features of the chronic fatigue syndrome. Many patients of my acquaintance have been much improved by the removal of their dental amalgam.
Durrant-Peatfield, Barry (2012-10-04). Your Thyroid and How to Keep it Healthy: Second edition of The Great Thyroid Scandal and How to Avoid It (Kindle Locations 3054-3062). Hammersmith Books Limited. Kindle Edition. 

Note point #7, mercury can often lead to hypothyroidism or an under active thyroid. I wonder if this is why I have been so tired all my life? Because there is mercury in my body form my amalgam fillings my thyroid and darnels are something I am keeping my eye on and now I have a brilliant way to do it and for FREE. I can track how I am doing with my handy thermometer and Dr. Rinds instructions here. I printed out his chart and take my temperature three times a day; 9AM...12PM...3PM because I awake at 6AM. The rule is to begin 3 hours after you wake up in the morning. I write down the average of the three temperatures onto the chart.

I am also plotting how my adrenals are working using the same data and chart. Cool! I used to check my adrenals by doing a salvia test which is over $200 each time one does it. Ouch! As my chelation may take awhile if I go about it slowly as I have been doing then I would want to check periodically to see how these glands are working throughout out the process and that is a lot of money spent on tests. The money I save by testing myself I can spend on supplements if I need them.

Mercola also recommends the basal temperature for diagnosis.

If I discover I find I have hypothyroidism or my adrenals are weak I prefer to take the desiccated adrenal or thyroid glands of animals. Here is what Daniel Forsyth says about them.
"During my saga of addressing my thyroids and adrenal glands, I declined the use of synthetic man-made hormones that drug companies have separated, formulated, masticated, and marketed. Very often they are individual hormones that you must some how mix-and-match to levels that change as the body's requirements change. The idea that a man-made chemical is better, or even the same, as natural in-nature made alternatives is wildly deluded. The only reason synthetic is available is because people or companies can make money out of selling them....Natural hormones from nature are better every single time without exception, and without a shadow of doubt. Why would I want to take individual synthetic hormones when I can take whole animal hormones in on pill that directly replace everything that I lack? Replace them all in the right balance for humans. That strengthen and rebuild my body's glands. And, on top of all that, have no nasty side effects. The animal thyroid glands are the same as ours and importantly they have a 100-year-old history of working perfectly well. You don't need to muck about adjusting the dose to two to five different branded synthetic hormones. You take Amour and adjust that dose to a level that suits you, and it provides all the hormones your body needs at the correct levels. The down side is that it takes a bit of time to get it right. The upside is you get no side effects, you get better and it's almost guaranteed to work, eventually. "
Mercola also recommends Armour here in his protocol for addressing hypothyroidism.

So I did a little search online to discover where to buy these handy little crushed up, dessicated glands and here are some links to products that look viable.

Thyroid Glandular from Swanson Vitamins
Thyroid Glandular from Pure Formulas
Armour Thyroid

Stop the Thyroid Madness has a good post about there different Thyroid Glandulars out there on the market.

Adrenal Cortex from Pure Formulas
Adrenal Cortex from iherb
adrenal desiccated from Standard Process

NOTE: Daniel said he read somewhere that if your thyroid and your adrenals are working under par then you should begin strengthening the adrenals first. He likened the thyroid to the gas pedal of a car and the adrenals to the engine in a car. If you press down hard on the gas pedal (thyroid) you could blow your engine (adrenals). So always begin FIRST by strengthening the adrenals then strengthen the thyroid.

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