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More on the Thyroid and Adrenals

In a recent post I wrote about the effects of mercury on the kidneys and other organs. I have been applying a few of the ideas from that post and from Dr. Rind's website on myself. Though it is too early really to tell for sure how it is effecting my health I think it is doing some good and giving me confidence I can monitor my thyroid and adrenal health myself. 

Dr. Rind says, 

This is a typical pattern graph it helps to understand just what the data I am plotting could indicate.

The first thing I did was to go to Dr. Rind's blog and get the data collection graph to plot my daily temperatures. Below are my results so far...

The 3's and 2's just indicate how many times I was able to take my temperature each day, 3 meaning I took my temp at 9AM, 12 Noon, and 3PM and 2 meaning I was only able to hit two of those times. Once all the temps are taken I average the number and place it on the graph. 

Below is a graph from Dr. Rind's website showing adrenal and thyroid correlations. Note Phase E is what you would like to see on your graph to know both your thyroid and adrenals are working well.

Dr. Rind says,
"If the adrenal support is working well, phases A through D can each last from one week to several months depending on the individual. In any given individual each of the phases seems to last approximately the same length of time (i.e. short period vs. long period). Some phases can blend together. For example, A and D can combine into an upwardly stabilizing pattern without C being present. I have actually seen some people go directly from A to E. To go from A to E can take as little as 1-2 weeks or as long as a few months. Hopefully, phase E will be permanent. If the adrenal fatigue is more severe (usually of longer duration), each of phases A through D tends to last longer and phase E tends to be less secure. If no progress is seen in 2-3 months, there is usually another problem present, such as toxicity etc."
If you refer back to my chart you can see my thyroid is in need a some supplementation as I am well under the target temp of 98.6 degree F and my adrenals look like they need some supplementation as as well. I plan to continue this data taking until the chart is full as I want to see how I do throughout a whole month and maybe two before I look into supplements. See the graph below...

So, more data to take and in the meantime I have also been making sure I get enough water which would be my weight (175-180 lbs.) divided in half (87.5-90) then translate to oz. So, I am needing 90 oz. of water each day in between meals. I am coupling this need for water with a sea salt flush I learned about here. to begin cleansing my kidney's and rehydrating. 

Why am I beginning a kidney cleanse? In Daniel Forsyth's book Mercury Dairies he had lower back pain for many years. In fact his story of ill health begins with him hurting his lower back on a ski trip one winter. He tried yoga for three years and the Alexander method for another three years and he still had chronic lower back pain. I too have had lower back pains for 7 years and I also have not yet found any exercise that will fix it for good. I may find relief for a small period of time, but no permanent fix. Daniel did an herbal kidney cleanse once and like magic his lower back pain was gone, for good. What? How is that! The kidney's connected with the lower back? It all sounds far fetched until you have lower back pain and long to be free. 

I read Hulda Clark's book The Cure for All Diseases and she says this about the kidneys and lower back pain.

"We have been told that lower back pain originates in an inherited weakness of the spine at its base because we humans walk upright instead of on four legs. And we have been told that the bony hooks that keep the spine aligned are flatter in some families, making it harder for them to hold the spine together. We are also told that “proper exercises” could have kept this part of our bodies strong so lower back pain could be avoided. 

These theories become obsolete when, without surgery, exercise or change in posture, lower back pain can be made to disappear quickly and permanently. 

Acupressure massage and chiropractic can bring “miraculous” relief. The most severely crippled lower back pain sufferer can shuffle lamely into a chiropractor’s office and walk out normally, without pain or painkiller after treatments. So although there has been slippage of disc or spine, apparently it goes back into place rather easily. If muscle relaxation is the clue, we must ask why these muscles spasm so easily. Any muscle will spasm if you irritate or injure it suddenly. In fact, your whole body spasms and flinches if a sliver or bit of broken glass is in your shoe. If you remove these objects, the leg can walk normally.

"Oxalic acid crystals are as sharp as broken glass. Use the Kidney Cleanse to dissolve them and other stones. All lower back pain can be cured by removing the sharp crystals in the kidneys. It takes about three weeks to dissolve them. In some very severe cases, it may take six weeks."

"Whether you have suffered a year or 20 years, the permanent cure is only weeks away."

"Our bodies make eight or more different kinds of kidney “stones.”  The oxalic acid variety is associated with sharp stabbing pains. In its effort to eliminate this extremely vicious acid your body neutralizes it with calcium first to make calcium oxalate. Your kidneys can keep a bit of calcium oxalate in solution but not a lot. The excess hardens into crystals."

If you have severe lower back pain you probably have several kinds of stones. Some persons have all seven kinds!

"It isn't necessary to find which variety of kidney crystals is causing your muscle spasms. Different herbs dissolve different kinds. And by combining them into a grand herbal mixture you can be dissolving all varieties at the same time."

Clark, Dr. Hulda (2011-01-18). The Cure for All Diseases (Kindle Locations 1274-1276). New Century Press. Kindle Edition. 

Dr. Clark also says that the kidney herbal cleanse should not be done prior to the parasite cleanse. That is why I am merely rehydrating which is good for all the body and waiting to do the herbal kidney cleanse after I have done a parasite cleanse if I need it. The basic order of cleanse is important it goes like this:

Parasite cleanse
colon cleanse 
Kidney cleanse
Lung Cleanse
Liver/gall bladder cleanse

I have been drinking my 90 oz. of salt water daily for four days now. I mix it up in the morning and grab what I need throughout the day. I make mine with a few extras and I am adding in the sea salt slowly adding more each week so my system can get adjusted to it. I begin with this...

In two 45 oz glass jars I add: 
1/8 tsp green stevia powder
1/8 cup fresh squeezed lime or lemon juice or mint tea leaves
1/2 t + 1/4 t sea salt

after four days about 1/3 of my back stiffness and pain is gone. Time will tell if the sea salt is enough or if I need to go onto the herbs after my parasite cleanse.

Till next time...

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