Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The Gluten Summit Starts TODAY!

Everything you ever wanted to know about gluten and the latest research. The summit started today but you can still join. It is FREE! You can join by going here to Divine Health and entering the summit via the button pictured above, or follow this link and find who will be speaking on what and register. The Gluten Free Summit.

Jenny From Nourished Kitchen writes about how she eats rye and spelt sourdough breads and pastas even though she has been tested positive to Celiac's.

Another story of recovery from gluten-Intolerance from the nourished Kitchen

A great article called Against the Grain by Katherine Czapp

An argument for grains in letters to the Weston Price Foundation in regards the Paleo diet, read down to see those who had serious health damage from giving up grains.

A view I find balanced and sensible, be kind to your grains and they will be kind to you.



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