Friday, November 8, 2013

Drying It Out

I just placed an order for a food dehydrator and I am so excited about all the new ways I will be able to use it. This morning I got onto pinterest and started pinning all sorts of dehydrator recipes. I am most excited about being able to sprout grains and dry them to make spurted grain flour, have an extra machine about to make yogurt, and it will certainly speed up our making of crispy nuts, but look at what else is possible...

This is so clever. I already own a capsule maker and a Cuisinart so I am just a step away from making these vitamin packed super pills. Why not try drying fish roe as well? In Weston Prices's book Nutrition and Physical degeneration he learned that the indians in the Himalayan mountains would travel from their mountain top homes to secure fish eggs at the sea shore, dry them and then bring them back to the village. The village women ate them with relish for ensuring better pregnancies and overall health. Fish eggs are known to be high in vit. D, and zinc which is very important for someone in my shoes who can not eat beef or dairy.
from Butter Nutrition
Yeah for salmon jerky. Great for any where use bacon, over salads, just for a snack or in a sandwich. I can just imagine a SLT: salmon, lettuce and tomato on sprouted grain sourdough bread.

From Gutsy: Nourishing food for a Happy Gut

Another brilliant idea! What a great way to save all the greens from your garden and have fresh green all year round.
From Nourished Kitchen

Homemade crackers! Rawazing has many brilliant recipes for cacklers. And that dip sounds amazing too!
From Rawmazing

From Rawamzing
One thing I am realizing is that making my own crackers is a great way to avoid many of the bad fats that are out there on the market. Mostly it is trans fats but many of hydrogenated oils are just as detrimental. I can also use a whole salt like a Himalayan salt or a sea salt. And I can use nuts which have been properly soaked and thus the phytic acid is removed and will allow me to access all the nutrients packed into these little crunchy bites. It also allows me to indulge in liver pate' without wheat or grains. :) So many reasons to make your own.

From Rawamzing

Then there are the recipes you most likely have heard of and think of often when you think about dehydrated foods. Fruit leathers, dried fruits, vegetable chips, and beef jerky.

From Thank Your Body
From Playful Learning

From The Food Lovers Kitchen (Paleo)
From Rawmazing
From Coconut Mamma
From Raw Voila'
With so many ideas out there I am sure there are homemade dog treats, and granolas and nuts mixes. Though many of the dehydrator recipes are used by vegans or those eating predominantly vegetables I am mindful of the wisdom I have learned about fats and making sure my raw vegetales are always accompanied by healthy fats.

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