Friday, March 7, 2014

Onto the Adrenals

My eat to heat experiment is still ongoing, and so is my care of the gallstone but for the next few months I am paying more attention to my adrenals. I have continued to eat what my body asks for paying attention to the four S's that I wrote about in my post rest and refeed. The Fours S's are: salt, sugar, starch and saturated fats. I am also seeking out practical ways to rest and get a good 10-11 hours of sleep each night. I have not been keeping track of my weight as I have gained it because I simply do not want that data to interfere with the real over arching goal of getting healthy, or more specifically getting my metabolic rate back up to normal.

Following the metabolism and not my appearance has been stretching but I am confident that it will lead me to a better healthy end then trying to get thin. Thin is not the measure of good health. Thin may not be the outcome, but I am ok with that as long as I have energy and good health. Matt Stone whom I have been reading these past few months often references a Dr. from the 1970's named Broda Barnes as the source of his inspiration to look to the metabolism for health. As Broda Barnes had such an influence on Matt's research I decided to read his book Hypothyroidism: The Unsuspected illness. The thyroid is a key element in the metabolic rate. So I have the book by my bed and plan to read through it this spring, along with Mark Starr's book Hypothyroidism Type 2 the Epidemic.

While I am reading I am also conducting another experiment using Dr Rind's metabolic therapy protocols. You see I have been eating to heat up my metabolism and have no change in my temperatures. I am also traveling so my stress levels can not abate, so I emailed Matt and his advice was to try the thyroid glandular and see what happens.

Upon reading Dr Rind's site which is very easy to follow and understand, I discovered a great tool for assessing whether the thyroid issue is thyroid only or a combination of adrenal failure and thyroid disfunction, it's called the metabolic score card. I highlighted the things that I could say I had issues with on the score card it was quite clear I needed some adrenal support before beginning the thyroid glandular. In my post here, I talked about Daniel Forsynth realizing in his application of thyroid glandular that the adrenals must come first, The adrenals are like the engine of a car and the thyroid like the gas pedal, If you rev up the gas and your engine is struggling you could blow out the engine or in my case the adrenals. So while I read more about the thyroid from Broda Barnes and Dr. Starr I will be supporting my adrenal using Dr Rind's adrenal therapy protocol.

My strategy for supporting the adrenals

1. Get rest. I aim for 10-11 hours of good sleep at night, I keep a salt and sugar mixture by my bed incase I wake at 2-4 when the adrenals peak and need some help going back to sleep. I also am mindful of keeping all my electronic equipment out of my bedroom. So no electric clock by my bed, I use my hand watch with a light instead. I used to keep my lap to and my kindle on a table near my bed and I still do but I careful to keep the wifi off and they sit at least 6 feet away from my head. All this is to keep my sleep time free of EMF's.

2. Exercise carefully. I workout only once a week at the gym doing static contraction workouts and do some slow walking during the week.

3. Continue to eat to heat, but I am careful not to over eat but simply to get what my body wants when it wants it.

4. Supplement with the following recommended by Dr Rind: Cell Energy, Adrenal Cortex, Pro-Line, Ester-C, Digestive enzymes, hydrolyzed collagen/amino acids, and magnesium.

The plan is to begin support of the adrenals for three or four weeks then add in the thyroid glandular. I will keep up the adrenal support for another three to four months and then drop off the adrenal support supplements but keep on with the thyroid for a while or indefinitely as my body needs it.

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