Sunday, January 19, 2014

Turn Ahead

This past week and a half I have been plotting my temperatures and drinking a salt water solution to do a sort of pre-wash on my kidneys. I am still plotting my temperature but I am no longer drinking the salt water solution.

The salt water solution contained:
90 oz. of mineral rich water we filter ourselves.
4 T fresh squeezed lime juice
1 1/2 t sea salt
1/2 t. green stevia

 I am taking a 90 degree turn in regards to my protocol because of Matt Stone's book Eat for Heat and what I discovered when I started drinking so much water. You have to realized that the 90 oz. of water is half my body weight in oz. and I had not been drinking this before. I still drank the fermented beverages (kvass. kombucha, etc) at meal times and rarely prior to this trial did I drink between meals, so it was a lot more water than my body was used to, and as I learned needed.

 I mixed up two 45 oz. jars of this salt water solution to drink between 9am-noon and from 2pm-5pm, that way I would have a good chance of getting the water out of my digestive system before I ate and then my HCl would not be diluted. My HCL is low as it is. SO I began in good faith....little did I guess what would happen.

 At first I noticed good things happening, I peed less often, I felt more balanced mentally and emotionally, and my temperature readings showed that my adrenals were leveling out. These were not the things I had done the salt water cure for, I was aiming at flushing out the kidney's thus diluting the glass like crystals that form there that are supposedly causing my lower back to be perpetually weak. (this may not be so but it is worth the try. the flush that Daniel Forsyth used on his journey and that did heal him of chronic lower back pain was an herbal flush) But these other good side effects of rehydration I was thinking was a good sign whether or not the  kidney's and my lower back were being helped just yet or not.

But a few days later and I noticed that my hair was drier, stringy and limp. The eczema on my face became worse than it had been in a long time. I had spots of it around where my nose meets my face, by my mouth, and along my hair line, to boot I had very bad dandruff and an itchy scalp. and oddly I was having trouble with constipation which I thought would have been much better by rehydrating. I was puzzled by these symptoms because I had read that dandruff is caused by dehydration and there was no chance I was dehydrated I drank upwards of 90 oz. of water a day, it is winter thus cold and I am not exercising rigorously. So what was up? I also began to bloat in the upper tummy region and be cold all the time especially in my hands and feet. But after all it is winter, the weather must have dropped in temperature so I'll take more hot baths and snuggle up in my alpaca wool sweaters and wear my alpaca wool socks more during the day. Odd though when my grade school aged boys and my dh are brandishing soccer shorts only no shirts and sleeping without blankets at night. Hmmmm.

I happened upon a favorable link to Matt Stone's book Eat for Heat and as it was only $2.99 on kindle so I bought it, what could it hurt. Where I found the link he was said to know about low metabolism (or hypothyroidism), salt and what...He was telling people to not drink so much water. I was intrigued and dove into his book with interest. I was sure I was ok doing what I was doing because I was not drinking filtered dead water only, I was drinking mineral rich water with added electrolytes and salt.

But, I was wrong. The research Matt Stone had been doing showed that drinking when you are not thirsty is not healthy. In fact my dry hair, eczema, and dandruff, the cold hands and feet plus a few other things I learned were all caused by diluting the extra cellular fluid that makes up the bodies 98% water which in lowered my metabolism and caused these symptoms. Whoa! could what Matt dug up be true? I wasn't sure but I kept reading and applying some of his ideas and I think he has found some thing worth trying out. Thus my 90 degree turn off of water and back to listening to my intuition and my bodies own voice, bio feedback.

You see the dry hair, eczema, cold hands and feet plus the constipation, insomnia and other hypothyroid symptoms are bio feedback or the body telling me I am not working with it. So I started to listen, I stopped drinking the 90 oz. of water a day. Instead I have been learning how to recognize bio feedback, track it with my temperature chart as I was doing before and then how to tweak a few things to keep it steady. I'll write more about the tweaking in the next post. But to date I am seeing the symptoms I mentioned above disappear and I have hopes I can turn around my low thyroid/metoabolism simply by eating to heat.

NOTE: Matt Stone is not the only one out there writing about helping the metabolism he has inspired Elizabeth Walling with the ideas he dug up and she has thus written The Nourished Metabolism which can be purchased by clicking on the image of her book on my side bar.

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