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A Picture of Healthy Metabolism

Why am I concerned about raising my metabolic rate? Honestly, because I long to be able to do this (see above picture) and not get hurt, nor feel fatigued and enjoy it too. Doesn't that look like fun!  In addition, the purpose of this blog is to discover how to remedy my digestive issues, get rid of my gall stone without surgery and that has led me to understanding more of how a low metabolism could be effecting these two heath issues and all the side issues that go along with them. I am reading a lot of Matt Stone's books because he found metabolism to be key to many of life's ills and I am curious why that is and how to deal with it. Matt says in His book Diet Recovery 2...

"In short, my research has led me down one consistent path.   Cellular energy production – what one could call “the metabolism” or “metabolic rate” is central or highly-connected to every known health problem.   While raising the metabolism isn’t a cure-all for everything, there is no doubt in my mind that with any health problem, the first line of action in overcoming it is getting the metabolism up closer to its ideal range.   More importantly, optimizing and guarding the metabolism is the key to preventing illness of all kinds and living life with the maximum number of optimally-functional and disease-free years."


"Here is Henry Bieler’s wonderful description of what a healthy person functions like – and ultimately what all diet and lifestyle interventions should aim to inch someone closer toward… 

The physical energy of the adrenal type is seemingly inexhaustible, as is the nervous response of the sympathetic system, a result of perfect oxidation of phosphorous in the nerve tissue.   Oxidation of carbon in the muscular system gives the adrenal type his great warmth.   Thus, the temperature of his body is scarcely ever below 98.8, with hands and feet always pleasantly warm.   As digestion and detoxication of food poisons depend greatly upon oxidation in the liver and intestines, it follows that the typical adrenal type, with his perfect oxidation, has thorough digestion.   In fact, he may and often does boast that he can eat any and all kinds of food without discomfort.   The exogenous uric acid products as well as the indoxyl compounds are completely detoxicated in the liver, do not accumulate in the blood, nor are they found in the urine.” 

“The skeletal muscles are well developed and have splendid tone.   Fatigue is practically unknown to the adrenal type.   His muscular endurance is spectacular.   And the perfect tone of the involuntary muscles is evidenced by complete and rapid peristalsis, resulting in several bowel evacuations daily.   He can dine on the most impossible food combinations imaginable with no evil results…” 

“The quality of the blood is characteristic.   A slight to marked polycythemia (more red cells than usual) occurs; leucopenia, or abnormal white cell count on the low side, is never noted.   The blood, which is of a rich, red color, clots quickly.   Fatal hemorrhage seldom occurs.   The immunity against bacterial invasion is spectacular.   The typical adrenal type hardly ever becomes infected, even with venereal diseases…” 

“A member of the adrenal-type group has a phlegmatic disposition – easygoing, jolly, slow to anger, never bothered with insomnia, fear or “cold feet.”   He will often go out of his way to avoid a quarrel.   Customarily, he has a wide circle of friends because he is warm-hearted and surrounded by an ‘aura’ of kindly sympathy.” 

 “He never worries… His digestion is good and he is seldom constipated.   It is possible for him to stand more treatments, operations and even more lung hemorrhages than any other type of patient.   He is the patient most often discharged as arrested or cured.   All the treatment necessary for his recovery is supplied by bed rest and fresh air.”

To this long list of very accurate characteristics, you could add… 

Healthy sex drive, sexual functionality, and high fertility – both in men and women 
Soft, moist skin – including the hands and lower legs which become dry most easily 
Rapid wound healing 
Infrequent need to urinate, with a rich yellow color even after consuming large amounts of liquid
Strong, white teeth resistant to decay or sensitivity even consuming large amounts of sweets and rarely brushing 
Regular menstrual cycle with no discomforts, cramps or other symptoms, or PMS
Fast growing hair and fingernails
Steady blood sugar, with minimal spikes after meals even with the consumption of rapidly-absorbed carbohydrates 
Ability to go long periods without food without any noticeable discomforts, mood changes, energy changes, etc. 
Moist mouth with abundant saliva even after hours without fluids, and nice pink hue to the tongue 

There are many more, some that I’m aware of and many that I have yet to discover.   But that is a good overview of what life with an ideal metabolism should feel like it is a picture of health that is rapidly becoming obsolete.

All Quotes in this post come from: Stone, Matt (2013-11-24). Diet Recovery 2: Restoring Mind and Metabolism from Dieting, Weight Loss, Exercise, and Healthy Food (p. 26). Archangel Ink. Kindle Edition. 

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